.NET MAUI Development

Hire expert .NET MAUI developers from Step2gen and launch a dynamic cross-platform application to establish a robust digital presence. With our .NET MAUI development services, business owners can relish the benefits of a multi-platform existence and engage customers across different platforms including desktop, iOS, and Android. Through a single-shared codebase, our developers will help you launch a dynamic digital solution at a cost-effective price.

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What is .NET MAUI?

Microsoft .NET MAUI is a cross-platform open-source framework that’s tailored to help developers build feature-packed applications for different platforms including desktop and mobile using a single codebase.

The framework uses C# and XAML as its primary development languages to build native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Since .NET MAUI leverages the same code base for multiple platforms, business owners can deploy high-performance applications without burning a hole in their wallets. Moreover, the single codebase ensures that developers can deliver faster time-to-market, regardless of the project's complexity.

Thanks to its multi-platform support, .NET MAUI is an ideal cross-platform development framework for startups and small businesses with limited development budgets. Although, it can also be used to deploy performance-driven enterprise-level desktop and native mobile apps for the preferred platforms.

.NET MAUI Development Services for Startups, Scale-Ups, and Large Enterprises

Leveraging its endless functionalities, the team at Step2gen offers multiple .NET MAUI development services to cater to varying business requirements. Whether you want to launch a native Android/iOS app or a full-scale desktop application, our developers will utilize .NET MAUI and follow a custom development plan according to your particular app objectives. Our .NET MAUI development services include

iOS App Development

Our expert .NET MAUI developers help businesses transform their growth with competitive iOS apps that work across different iOS versions and offer a remarkable user experience. With iOS app development, our goal is to build performance-rich iOS apps that result in business scalability.

Android App Development

Want to launch a distinct Android app to target a wider user base? Hire .NET MAUI developers and let our team construct a fully-functional Android app from the ground up. In addition to end-to-end Android app development, we can also help businesses migrate their existing Android apps to .NET MAUI and leverage its functionality.

Desktop App Development

Along with comprehensive mobile applications, our team also specializes in developing feature-rich desktop apps for both Windows and macOS. With these extensive desktop apps, you can streamline business operations and automate complex tasks to unlock better productivity.

Cross-Platform App Development

With single code base deployment, our .NET MAUI developers can help businesses launch cross-platforms mobile and desktop apps to target a wider audience base and scale their business growth. Share your business requirements with our team and we’ll construct a multi-functional cross-platform app accordingly.

Support & Maintenance

Managing any digital solution, be it a desktop or a mobile app, is a challenging process. Hire our .NET MAUI development team to overlook the maintenance of your MAUI application so that it continues to deliver an unparalleled user experience and ensures advanced functionality. Our team will eradicate all the potential bugs so that you don’t end up losing any valuable customers.

Xamarin.Forms Migration to .NET MAUI

Migrate your existing Xamarin.Forms-based desktop or mobile applications to modern-day MAUI framework and ensure it complies with the latest market standards. With .NET MAUI migration services, we’ll ensure to migrate the entire app data, allowing businesses to relish the benefits of a modern-day development framework.

What are the Benefits of Choosing MAUI for Cross-Platform App Development Being a modern-day cross-platform development framework, .NET MAUI offers a plethora of advantages. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, .NET MAUI can be used to build complex, performance-driven, and scalable digital solutions for different platforms. Some of its advantages include

  • Multi-platform app deployment using a single codebase.
  • Custom UI Design Patterns.
  • Better Optimization to Deliver Faster Speed.
  • Easy Customization for Targeted Platforms.
  • Instant and effective Modifications.
  • Unification in Libraries.
  • Modern Patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we mentioned earlier, .NET MAUI is a multi-platform framework that can be used to construct native solutions for different platforms including iOS, Android, desktop, and macOS. Moreover, the framework offers platform-specific customization features, allowing developers to build fully personalized digital solutions for a specific platform.

The cost to develop a .NET MAUI application is different for each project. There is a wide range of factors that can influence the overall development cost of any .NET MAUI application. These factors include app features, project complexity, preferred platforms, third-party API integrations, etc.

Similar to the development cost, there’s no single timeframe for a MAUI application. Since each brand has different app requirements, it can take anywhere between 4 weeks to several months to build the application from the ground up. Share your app requirements with our team and we’ll share an estimated time frame to bring your app idea to reality.