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Step2gen is a renowned Blazor development company in India building dynamic web applications for businesses across the globe. Our team leverages the modern-day framework to build high-performance web apps for different industries. We offer custom Blazor development services to help our clients gain a strong brand identity and engage customers via fully functional web applications.

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Launch Feature-Packed Web Apps With Our Blazor Development Services in India

Blazor is a modern-day Client-Side User Interface framework built by Microsoft to help business owners launch dynamic SPAs (single-page applications), PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), and conventional web applications.

Our expert Blazor developers utilize the framework to devise high-performance user interfaces using C#, HTML, and CSS. Unlike other front-end frameworks, Blazor doesn’t require Javascript, which allows developers to enhance the overall functionality of a web application, resulting in better user retention.

Being a top-rated Blazor development company from India, we offer many development services to give clients a competitive advantage in the market. By eliminating complex Javascript coding, our developers write highly efficient codes in Blazor and reduce the overall complexity to deliver an optimal user experience across various platforms.

As of today, Microsoft is heavily investing in Blazor and its support has made many developers to switch from conventional Javascript frameworks to this modern-day technology while developing web apps.

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Our Personalized Blazor Development Services At Step2gen, we provide comprehensive Blazor development services to meet different business objectives. When Blazor was first released, we used it as our main front-end framework. We currently have the title of most prestigious Blazor development company. Whether you need a feature-packed PWA or an easy-to-navigate SPA, our team will analyze your business requirements and devise a custom web solution accordingly.

Progressive Web App Development

We have a dedicated team of progressive web app developers who utilize Blazor and its advanced functionalities to build dynamic PWAs that deliver a native app-like user experience to the customers. Unlike native solutions, you can launch a progressive web app at affordable prices and deliver a similar experience without any hassle.

Web App Development

Hire our expert Blazor developers from India and launch a user-centric web application to outperform your competitors and gain a strong customer base. We’ll integrate advanced features in your web application so that it engages potential customers and helps you generate a higher ROI.

Hybrid Blazor App Development

Our Blazor developers amalgamate Mobile Blazor Bindings and Blazor UI components to develop hybrid apps using C# and .net. With hybrid app development, you can establish multi-platform existence and engage customers more effectively.

Javascript to Blazor Migration

Transform the overall performance of your existing Javascript web application or website by migrating it to Blazor. Our team will perform comprehensive migration to move all your website/web app data so that you don’t lose any valuable information.

Why Choose Blazor Development Services for Your Next Web Application Having developed multiple web apps using Blazor, we can easily say that it’s a superior development technology to conventional Javascript frameworks. Here are some of the advantages of choosing Blazor development services over traditional Javascript frameworks.

Blazor has a dedicated memory-safe sandboxed environment to deliver a native-like experience to the end users.
Blazor allows developers to develop single-page applications using C# instead of Javascript.
WebAssembly ensures that developers don’t have to integrate additional plugins or extensions to integrate the desired functionality into the web application.
Blazor provides extensive support for single-page web app development, resulting in optimal user experience.
With .NET integration, developers can build highly secure and reliable web applications.

Why Choose Robust Blazor Features for a Remarkable User Experience Our Blazor development agency in India incorporates all Blazor features to develop custom Blazor apps to cater to varying business objectives.

Data Binding

Blazor supports HTML bind attributes that allow developers to bind DOM elements and components together. It supports various data binding techniques including one-way, two-way, and event data binding.


Microsoft has integrated debugging support in Blazor through Web assembly applications and incorporating Browse Dev tools in various Chromium browsers.

Dependency Injection

Blazor provides dependency injection for both Web Assembly and server applications. It’s an exclusive Blazor feature that allows developers to build loosely coupled user interfaces to provide better scope for reusability and testing.

Forms and Validation

Blazor makes form validation a hassle-free task, thanks to the built-in support for DataAnnotationsValidator. This way developers can use annotations to optimize form validation and make the entire process more convenient.

State Management

Another advantage of using Blazor for web app development is its ability to develop applications that are stateful in nature. Consequently, these apps can easily preserve the end-user's current state in the server's memory.

Javascript Interoperability

With Blazor, developers still have the liberty to call various JavaScript functions and libraries using .NET. With Javascript interoperability, developers can trigger the bootstrap Javascript runtime by calling these Javascript functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blazor is a recent front-end development framework designed by Microsoft to compete with conventional Javascript frameworks. Unlike the latter, Blazor gives developers the liberty to build high-performance web applications using C#, HTML, and CSS. It offers many advanced features such as Javascript interoperability, data binding, effective debugging, etc., making it a reliable web app development framework.

There are a few golden rules you can follow to hire the most reliable Blazor development company. For instance, you should always choose development agencies that have prior experience in Blazor development as it will provide you with extensive technical expertise. You should also have a basic budget in mind as it’ll make it much easier to narrow down the list to the most suitable Blazer development partners.

The cost to hire a Blazor development agency from India is different in every situation and depends on various factors including project complexity, feature integration, API development, etc. You can get a custom quote by sharing your project requirements with our developers.