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ABP.IO is an open-source ASP.net core-based web development framework that offers multiple functionalities to build feature-packed web applications.

From microservice compatibility to dynamic proxying, ABP.IO is a complete package with a reliable infrastructure so that developers can launch scalable, modern-day, and market-centric web apps for different niches.

Step2gen is among the pioneers in leveraging these advanced features of ABP.IO to give clients state-of-the-art web solutions that cater to their target audience and put their brand at the top of the digital realm.

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Hire Expert ABP.IO Developers and Streamline Your Project for Faster Deployment

ABP.IO is primarily designed to build high-performance, feature-driven, and multi-layered web applications. Despite its advanced applications, one needs the required technical expertise to leverage ABP.IO’s features into developing a custom web solution.

We, at Step2gen, excel in utilizing ABP.IO to devise personalized web applications that adhere to the market standards and deliver a remarkable user experience. Being a reputed ABP.IO development company, we offer personaized development solutions that cater to your specific business goals. And, since ABP.IO automates code repetition, you can expect faster app deployments.

Why Choose ABP.IO for Your Next Web Application? ABP.IO offers full-stack infrastructure for developers to utilize conventional .NET core components along with modern functionalities to construct dynamic web applications. ABP.IO offers multiple technical benefits over other available .NET core frameworks, resulting in its emergence as one of the most preferred technologies for web app development. Some of the benefits of choosing ABP.IO include:

Pre-Integrated Libraries

ABP comes pre-integrated with a variety of fully updated libraries that developers can use with their codebase right away. Since they don’t require additional integration, the framework speeds up the entire development process. These pre-integrated libraries include an Identity module that’s used to manage organisation units, roles, user permissions, etc. To make digital payments more convenient, ABP.IO also supports payment gateways including Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, and PayU.

Rich UI Theme & Layout Options

ABP adheres to a UI structure where the UI code remains independent of the theme. This opens room for advanced UI customization and also makes it easier to install ready-to-use themes. The framework can also be integrated with other UI-frameworks including Angular, Blazor, and MVC Razor Pages to build high-quality, interactive, and enticing UIs.


Thanks to automation support, ABP eliminates or at least limits the necessity to repeat the same lines of code for a single solution. Consequently, developers can build multiple modules in a shorter time span. Even with complex web applications, automated code repetition ensures rapid development, resulting in faster time-to-market.


ABP.IO provides complete authentication support including Single Sign On, Active Directory / LDAP Integration, IdentityServer integration, social logins, two factor authentication, etc. to provide complete security to the end users.

A Quick Overview of ABP.IO Architecture Thanks to its modern architectural infrastructure, ABP.IO has all the necessary elements for high-performance software solutions.

Microservice Compatibility

Starting a microservice solution with ABP.IO is a relatively easy process as both ABP Framework and ABP Commercial offer microservice compatibility. Our developers have expertise in utilizing the pre-built modules to construct custom microservice solutions.


While conventional platforms don't offer modular architecture, ABP supports modularity to full extent. Our team will analyze your project requirements and construct a full-scale modular web application accordingly.

Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

Transparency is the biggest USP of ABP.IO. With a separate presentation layer, application layer, and domain layer, ABP allows our expert developers to write a maintainable code base that follows the DDD principles.


ABP Frameworks supports multi-tenant software infrastructure, making it the preferred choice for SaaS solutions. To maintain the desired multi-tenancy infrastructure throughout the application, ABP automatically isolates database & codebase for each layer separately.

Integrating a Visually Engaging UI for Better Customer Engagement The ABP framework is designed as a fully configured solution so that the developers can kickstart the development phase with minimal hassle. Our expert ABP.IO developers amalgamate its extensive functionality with other technologies to build enticing user interfaces and robust backends for an enriched user experience. We’ll analyze your project requirements, lay out a roadmap, and implement the best ABP.IO development practices to bring your idea to reality. Here’s a quick overview of front-end technologies you can integrate with ABP to construct engaging user interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

ABP Commercial is the premium version of conventional open-source ABP.IO framework that offers additional modules and features to build feature-rich web applications. Choosing between ABP commercial and ABP.IO open-source will mainly depend on your project requirements.

ABP.IO supports multiple UI frameworks including Angular, MVC Razor Pages, React, and Blazor. Its extensive UI framework support allows developers to craft visually engaging user interfaces for client’s web applications.

Hiring a team of ABP.IO developers depends on an array of factors, starting from project complexity to your preferred features. Share your web app preferences with our team and we’ll get back to you with a personalized cost estimation.