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Open positions We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help build the platform that empowers
the future generation of creators to be successful online.
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B.Tech (IT /CSE) / MSc IT / MCA
Desired Skills
Logical Strong and Communication
Training will be given on Full Stack Development
.NET Full Stack Developer
1 to 4 Years
ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, JQuery, SQL Server, EF, LINQ, Azure
Additional Knowledge
WebAPI, Design Patterns will be an added advantage
Blazor Developer
At least 6 months
Blazor, Razor, .NET Core, SQL Server

How to be our Part? We have two stages in our selection process where we evaluate the aptness of the candidate’s ability to ensure the long-term and fruitful collaboration between both of us. Your selection entirely relies on the quality of your performance, you will exhibit in the following two phases:


HR Interview

It is the first yet important step of recruitment that comprises communication between HR and a candidate. As a part of a verbal interview and your introduction to HR, you will be evaluated for your communication skills, confidence to work, and enthusiasm to learn and grow with us. HR round will be all about verbal questioning and answering where you will share your past experiences and discuss your future goals.


Technical Interview

Upon getting shortlisted as a result of the HR round, Technical Interview will be conducted to ensure the soundness of your technical skills. It is your performance in a technical round that makes you suitable to perform the respected job role. Technical interviews for freshers will be based on their educational experience and logical skills.

Perks & Benefits Join our technical team to learn and grow along with amazing perks.

Respect for Employee’s Skills

We do not prefer favoritism or partiality among employees. From selection for the job role to timely appreciation, we respect the skills and talents of individuals to let one experience individual growth.

Advanced Resources

You will not only get the chance to perform a respected job role but also to explore the latest technology and advanced resources.

Positive and Friendly Environment

Work is no more stressful but a pleasant experience. At Step2gen, you will enjoy working with your colleagues because we promote a friendly and positive organizational environment.

Scope for Imagination

We always promote the innovative ideas and attempts of our employees and let them gain immense inspiration.

Transparent & Open Communication

We believe in enhancing transparency in our communication channels to make our employees feel comfortable and reliable.

Training & Development

You will always get to explore something new in your journey. We put our best efforts to boost up your skills to improve organizational and individual development.

Rewards & Benefits

We encourage our hard-working and skilled employees with rewards and benefits that they deserve. You will always feel motivated to work and grow with us.

Fun Activities

We arrange fun and team building activities to make our employees feel relaxed and happy out of the normal working schedule.

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